Sergio Enriquez-Nistal Biography

Sergio Enriquez-Nistal's work reflects his sense for the aesthetic aspects of his subjects, whether daily life, a portrait or a landscape.

Initially trained as a scientist, he received his education in photography at the Luis Gonzaga Center, in Spain.

He is an active contributor to El Cultural, a major spanish culture magazine and has also collaborated with the filmmaker, Pablo ROLLAN RECHE.

Sergio Enriquez-Nistal´s portraits and photojournalistic work is shown in newspapers and magazines such as:

The New York Times, The Guardian, El Mundo, The Telegraph, El Cultural, Harper´s Bazaar, Esquire, Telva, Tapas, Vice, New Scientist, Gentleman, Yo Dona, Magazine (El Mundo), Fuera de Serie, El Duende, Baluarte Envivo, Marca, Descubrir el Arte, Expansion, La Aventura de la Historia, Papel, Digital SLR Photography.