smita marathe Biography

Camps & Workshop: Disha,Pune - 1992 Artists Camp Artist Centre, Mumbai & Lonavala Artist Camp, Brodga-Simla org. by Art Mall, New Delhi

Group Shows :Balgandharva Kala Dalan-2005 ~13 - Total 10 shows Chavan Centre , Mumbai -2001 Kala Academy Goa, Panji - 2009 Tulika Art Gallery -2015 Khajuraho dance festival – 2015 Balgandharva Kala Dalan- 2016 Kala academy Goa. AIM. Group show – 2016 Kala academy Goa.. Group show – 2017 Balgandharva Kala Dalan- 2017

Pune Biennale - 2017

Solo Shows : Samlakalin Kalamohotsav, Nasik - 1997 , PNG AND SONS ART GALLERY- 2017 PNG AND SONS ART GALLERY- 2018

Collection : A large number of Private Collections in India and Abroad.

Artist's Statement

Painting has always been very close to my heart. . An essential part of my life... The best way to express.. Express the observations about things, people, their behaviour and the contrast in it... The dilemma in which people live. The fight they have with their own feelings. . Everyone is blessed with a great gift of various feelings.. of love, hope, affection, attraction... but no one has escaped from feelings of hatred, confusion, denial, betrayal too... But irony is people don't want to admit and accept it as a part of life. Everyone has some or the other fantasies, attractions, but they are not spoken about.. Merely because of the pressure of "what will others think of me?" However the thoughts may be, they are left unexpressed, feelings unaddressed out of this inhibition. Similar is the situation in other one's mind too. But I feel, because it is left unexpressed, it stops at the point of mere attractions... And a precious, beautiful mind is left unexplored. Very few people show the courage of exploring it, expressing the feelings in correct way and escape from the mirage of attraction. This has always given me challenge to depict it. This is MY attraction. But I take the liberty and express it fully. . Hope this liberates others also from their mirage.