Sofiya Kuzmina Biography

Sofiya Kuzmina was born in Moscow in 1998 and is currently based in New York City where she attends School of Visual Arts majoring in illustration.

Artist's Statement

Art is my way of communicating stories independent of the need for words. I have developed a personal vision based on intimate moments of my life as a means to draw commentary about complex yet commonly relatable ideas. Some examples of my recent bodies of work would be questioning the definition of art by finding artistic processes in everyday life, defining the impact art has on the creator, and discussing the sense of belonging in the context of immigration. Creating images layered with narratives helps me to escape the limits of speaking language. Experimental and dynamic, my work captures situations that invite the audience to explore them and question how the story and their interpretation of it are related to them. I use a maximalist approach in my art, and rendering richly intricate details to load my pieces with information allows me to provide the viewer with an opportunity to discover new aspects every time they look at my work. The subject matter defines the choice of the materials I use, that can vary from traditional oil paint to flowers and aluminum mesh. Over the last couple of years, I found myself mostly fond of oil painting. My main source of inspiration is the process of creating itself: I consider every new piece an opportunity to challenge my skills, escape from the comfort zone, and find the best way to convey an idea or a story.