Sonia Draper Biography

Emerging Catalan sculptor, Sonia Draper primarily works in NAÃ?VE style.

She graduated in Applied Arts from the Llotja school of Barcelona, and also trained under the renowned sculptor, Rosa Martinez Brau, at the School of Massana, Barcelona.

Her recent EXHIBITIONS include:

1992 - ?Amigos de las artes de Terrassa?, Spain

1993 - ?L?espai d?art Bach Esteve?, Terrassa

2002 - ?Espai d?Art de la escuela municipal?, Terrassa

2003 - Catalan Association of Sculptors, Brittany, France. - First Prize, Nostromo painting and sculpture competition, Barcelona

2004 - Landivisiau, Brittany, France - Barnadas space, Barcelona - Museum Diocesan, Barcelona