Susana Solano Biography

Barcelona, Spain, 1946

Susana Solano is the contemporary Spanish sculptor who has achieved the greatest international recognition. From early works in the beginning of the 1980s that showed influences of Brancusi, she moved in the mid 90s to using materials like iron and lead which she worked in artistic ways, giving ever greater volume and monumentality to her sculptures; solid closed forms in the style of large architectural spaces that became increasingly minimalist.

The acclaimed art critic Francisco Calvo-Serraller has said of her work: ?Combining objective reflections on space with subjective memories, her work borders the territory of personal domestic history, made deeper by stratum increasingly profound and unconscious.?

SELECTED EXHIBITIONS: - - Documenta de Kassel - Bienal de Venecia - Bienal de Sao Paulo - Galeria Helga de Alvear. Madrid, Spain


1988 - National Sculpture Prize. Spain