TE Scott Biography

t.e. scott A brief biography

I was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1941.

I graduated from Muskingum College in 1963 and The Cleveland Institute of Art in 1967. I have been painting and working with ceramics for many years. My painting mediums are acrylic, watercolor and oil.

My work has been displayed in many galleries. I am currently exhibiting with several galleries in Central Virginia.

I have been married to my wife for 45 years. We raised 2 sons and a daughter. We have lived in Cleveland, Ohio, Oak Park, Illinois, and Waynesboro, Virginia. I recently retired from the graphic design business and am looking forward to a retirement filled with artistic expression.

Although my work has been shown in galleries, I have never submitted my work to competitions.

Artist's Statement

Breaking free from old bonds. Over the years I have developed my own unique handling of the watercolor medium. But when it is time for a change, where does a new way of creating art come from? If I choose to paint in an abstract way, I truly believe it must come from within, not from a starting point previously explored by others. Let me explain that I am a good realist. The work starts from a different place, a different perspective. My acrylic and porcelain style was helped along by a series of serendipitous events. First, I met Delores Fortuna in Oak Park, Illinois. She is a wonderful potter who had a studio 3 blocks from our house. I took many classes from her. Loved clay and even better, porcelain clay. I liked the whole process from wedging the clay, to throwing the forms to glazing the bisque fired pieces. When my wife and I moved to Virginia. I found a used kiln and wheel down here and did some pottery. At the same time I was doing a lot of painting in watercolor, acrylic and oil. My problem with painting with glazes is that, by their nature the colors change dramatically when fired and cover up the textures of the forms of the clay. When I paint, I like to see the work emerge with each stroke of the brush and I like to see the textures of the clay as sharply defined as when they are created. I like to see the work of my hands uniquely impressed into the work. Then came a perspective shift. Why must a painting be flat? Does fired ceramic always need to be covered with glaze? I love ceramics, I love painting I will make them belong together like no one has before. I will continue on with my painted porcelain pieces for many years, but in the process have found a new love of acrylic and oil painting. A few last words. I am not a big churchgoer. But as some folks in Virginia might say, I am truly blessed. I am blessed that I love what I do. Blessed that I don’t have to paint like everybody else. Blessed that I have much that I want to say, and the vision to be able to do it in a unique and significant way. Blessed that I want nothing more than to fill as many hours of every day that I have left with what I do now, every day. I hope you enjoy my paintings.