Teofanú Calzada Biography

Madrid, Spain, 1969 -

This young POP artist holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology, from the American University, Washington, D.C. She has also attended the Corcoran School of Arts, in Washington, D.C.


-2009. Cow Parade. Madrid. -2008. Artifacts for Local 29. -2007. Solo exhibition. Gallery Cremata Fine Art. Miami, Florida. Solo exhibition. Gallery Biondetta. Madrid.

-2006. Art+, Individual Exhibition , Miami, Florida ..

-2005. Content Development for the "12 Hours of Asia." Articulation of the photo exhibition of the same event. Performance "The Ideal Career," Internet. Skimo arte, solo exhibition. Madrid.

-2004. Skimo Arte, individual exhibition. Madrid. + Art, colective show , Miami, Florida.

-2003. + Art exhibition, Miami Florida. Xibit exhibition, Miami, Florida. Cover Design for the poetry book "La Orilla Presentada" by Luis Ignacio Larcada, editorial Arcos.

-2002. Skimo art solo exhibition, Madrid. Mural for the Marin Family.

-2001-2000. Animations and micro-sites for Mediata tv. Exhibition in the space Fuencarral. Madrid International Art Fair in Seville. Collective exhibition "El Verano más Pop" 1Arte.com

-1999. Altalene exhibition gallery, Madrid. Jovenart exhibition gallery, Madrid. Decoration and lighting bars and Impact Authors. Madrid.

-1998. Solo exhibition Gallery Altalene. Madrid. Solo exhibition, Estusio Agatha Ruiz Prada. Madrid. Individual Show Casa Cultural de Baños Montemayor. Caceres. Collective exhibition "La Nave del Arte". Madrid. June 28, performance sponsored by Picassomio.com.

-1997. Murals for Bar Maderfoker and Fernandez- Ashton family. Artistic director of the short film "Crossing a Verte" by Carlos Conde.

-1996. Organization happening "The biggest art event of the World", sponsored by Ballentine's. Madrid. Artistic director of the short film "Insomnia" by Carlos Alcalde. Café Pepe Botella, individual show . Madrid.