Valeri Tsvetkov Biography

Name Valeri Tsvetkov Born 20.05.1963 in Kustendil/Bulgaria

1990 graduated at the Academy of the Fine Arts in Sofia-in the field of murals 1992 A one-man show in "Arosita"Gallery/Sofia 1993 An automnal hall-Sofia 1993 Self-portraits exibition-Bulgaria 1994 A one-man show in Donauwoert_Germany 1995-2003 "Georg's Gallery"-Sylt/Germany 2000 A one-man show in hotel "Sheraton",Sofia 2003 "Sala Barna"Gallery-Barselona/Espana 2005 A one-man show in "Lik"Gallery-Sofia 2006 A one-man show in "Pleada"Gallery-Pazardjik 2007-2008 A one-man show in Grand Hotel Sofia-Bulgaria

Many of his works are now owned by the National Picture Gallery in Sofia and by private collections in Bulgaria,Holland,Portugal,Espana,Germany etc

Artist's Statement

My paintings are hand painted,oil on canvas. They represent the surrounding world and my feelings for him.