Vasan Sitthiket Biography

Nakorn Sawan, Thailand, 1957 -

An ESTABLISHED contemporary artist, Vasan Sitthiket is an very active player in contemporary Thai arts scene.

A painter, playwright, poet and author, Vasan's art reflects very versatile themes and styles. Trained at the College of Fine Arts, Bangkok, some of his paintings are related to nature or erotic motifs, though his mind and most works are preoccupied with problems and issues, such as the exploitation of the poor by the rich and the corruption among politicians and bureaucrats.

He is quite versatile and uses several media to express his opinions, such as paintings, drawings, woodcut prints, installations and performances. In addition to numerous shows in Thailand, he has participated abroad in Japan (1989, 1990), Singapore (2000) and Indonesia (2001).

Vasan Sitthiket has also staged three plays and is the author of more than ten books, including poetry, children's books and political writings.