Veronique Godbout Biography

Sherbroke, Quebec (Canada), 1970.

Emerging Canadian artist Veronique Godbout works in a naive style. Her artworks radiate optimism and vitality.

Veronique is inspired by nature: animals, flowers, butterflies. She paints marvellous birds and fish, cats with perfectly striped fur, flowers more cheerful than in nature.

With a childlike spirit, Veronique has developed her painting techniques using her imagination and sensitivity. She works with color in a very personal way, creating strong contrasts between the subjects, her naive style and the complex techniques she uses to give her paintings life. Using precise and opaque textures, she creates a mosaic effect, which she polishes using a shiny varnish that sets off the strong colors of the paintings.

Veronique Godbout was born in Canada in 1970, she has been performing her visual art since 1989. She made exhibitions trough Quebec, Canada, Europe and the United States. A graduate in graphic Design at the University of Quebec in Montreal she is a freelance illustration artist. She was the Department Chair of the Graphic Design Department at the College of Sherbrooke, Quebec.

Artist's Statement

My artworks are a representational reflection of people, nature, or situations that have piqued my interest. Often the subject has thematic or narrative significance that references personal experiences or dreams.  Each images comes from a moment, and impression. My creation process consists of working in layers of acrylic paint and ink — the first layer being freely drawn in monochrome and laid down in anticipation of subsequent layers. My goal is to maintain cohesiveness throughout the composition and to create depth, luminosity, contrasts and textures with the paint. I'm also keenly interested in the way the eye moves around an image, the image is always build in a circular motion. I cannot do 2 similar creations ; each image is single and unique. In my paintings, I am exploring everyday objects, everyday scenes, everyday nature: landscapes, flowers, birds, fishes, simple objects. These usual subjects are shown from a different perspective and in a new light and by doing this I hope to show the magic of the simplicity around us. Since I enjoy painting a variety of subjects (nature, seascapes, still life, etc.), i cannot be categorized as merely a landscape, seascape, or still life artist. The subject matter is always important. It's a presentation of my imagination and how textures and colors are mixing together to represent it. An eternal moment is forever captured. Making art  is the expression of my happiness, hope and wisdom. I want to share the joy and excitement painting brings to me as an artist by showing the viewer a different way of experiencing my world.