Zayd Depaor Artwork Details


Detailed Description

Al Munzil - The revealer is one of the names of Allah from the Qura'n. One of the Names of the Qura'n is At Tanzeel, the revelation, that which is sent down. God is Al Munzil as he sends down many things in the seen and the unseen. The Angels descend, mercy descends, blessings descend, sakeenah, the Divine tranquillity descends, punishments and calamities descend. The rain descends, moon, sun and starlight descend as does the light reflected down from the sky and clouds. The revelation descends with the Angels to the Prophets to be conveyed to mankind, this was the case with the Tawrah (the law given to Moses [as]), the Injeel (the Gospel given to Jesus [as]) and the Qura'n sent down to Muhammad (saw) for all of mankind. All of these are a sign of the beauty, order, mercy and power of God. The descent here is indicated by the light at dusk, the absent descending sun, the descent of the hill contours and the descent of the water from the rocks to the river. The water here is also symbolic of the purification given to man by the revelation that is sent down for his guidance.

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