Emily Beza Biography

DOB: 20.04.1977 I’m a British artist of Romanian parentage and successfully completed my Masters Degree in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins’ College of Art and Design. I’ve exhibited in such diverse places as the British Embassy in Moscow, Gallery Dream, Seoul in South Korea and The Romanian Cultural Institute in London. Artworks feature in various collections in the USA, UK, Norway, France, Romania and Hong Kong. Education 2002-2003 Central Saint Martins’ College of Art & Design, London - MA Fine Art 1996-1999 The City & Guilds of London Art School, London - BA Honours in Fine-Art/Painting 1995-1996 Chelsea College of Art & Design, London. Foundation Studies in Fine Art (Merit) Awards 1999 Aidan Threlfall Memorial Award for Travel-The Goldsmiths Company 1998 The Conard Travel Award –The Skinners Company Publications Cork Street Open Exhibition Catalogue August 2013 The Pastel Society 94th Annual Exhibition Catalogue September 1993

Other 2000 Art works were featured on the following Television Channels: Carlton – “Young Gifted & Broke” UK TV Living – “Real Dating” 2006 TVR Romanian Cultural and International Channels: Documentary entitled "Lumea Si Noi"
(The World and Us) under the sub heading "Generatii" (Generations)

Recent Exhibitions 2016 Artrooms 2016, Melia White House Hotel, Regent’s Park London

2014 The Other Art Fair, Ambicka P3, Marylebone, London (April 2014)

2013 Shortlisted for the August 2013 Summer Cork Street Open Exhibition Royal College of Art “Secret” postcard exhibition Creekside Artists Open Studios, London 2011 The essence of Drawing, Lloyd Gill Gallery, Weston Super Mare
Royal College of Art "Secret" postcard exhibition 2010 Edge – Group Show – Degreeart.com Gallery, London. Op art and its Influence, Lloyd Gill Gallery, Weston Super Mare 2008 Group show – Blackheath Arts Society, London.

2007 Creekside Artists Open Studios, London Royal College of Art "Secret" postcard exhibition 2006 Creekside Artists Open Studios, London 2005 “An Imagined Reality”- The Romanian Cultural Institute, London

Artist's Statement

"I make abstracted linear geometry in urban landscapes and figures" I have and continue to inspire myself from walking around. I immerse myself in the juxtaposition of structure, movement, rhythm, speed, pace, hustle and bustle of various environments. I describe my work as a reactive and visual reiteration of my experience which then transmutes itself on to the canvas/paper as an imagined reality. Some images with their austere often more formal (at times) linear facade which repress complex and thinly rendered background washes, tangentially allude to technology based mediums such as computer graphics and architecture in their own right. More recent works in the series develop more fluid, at times fraught as well as lyrical references, with a greater sense of dialogue between figure and ground. The visual languages of line juxtaposed with fluidity and gesture, create an immediate sense of ‘order versus chaos’. However, both languages conspire to convey paradoxical complexity and intensity. This description reminds me of the following, from the audio version of Peter Ackroyd’s London: Each area of London has its own unmistakeable character nurtured through Time and History; together they resemble a thousand vortices within the general movement of the city. It is impossible to look at them steadily or envisage them as a whole, because the impression can only be one of opposition and contrast. Yet, out of these oppositions and contrasts London itself emerges as if it sprang into being out of collision and paradox. Perhaps, through the use of hundreds of linear, perspectival and non-perspectival vortices juxtaposed against complex background washes I have taken it upon myself to envisage and express city environments as a whole within the framework of a painting. I am of Romanian, Macedo-Romanian, mixed Jewish and Orthodox parentage and am a Londoner/South-East Londoner born and bred. I have always perceived my work as a direct result of my more immediate environment...... In my portraits, I emphasise the initial feelings and emotions evoked in the source material, and adds elements of myself to the mix. The finished works have evolved in tandem with poignant experiences in recent years and the abstracted linear geometric patterning in these images, cross-reference and compliment the urban landscape series.