How to Buy Art Online? 

Just like so many other things in our lives, Internet has significantly changed the art market. Perhaps, now more than ever we truly have the choices to purchase an artwork that touches our heart.

Yet, while the Internet can offer us an unprecedented number of options, buying art online has its own nuances. However, if you use the power of Internet, an artwork that you find irresistible is right at your fingertips.

Here are some tips that might be handy:


Internet gives you the power to discover the works of thousands of artists. You have more choices than ever. See if for yourself.


Read the details available on the artist. Educate yourself about the artwork that you like. Ask questions. Most quality online art sellers have experienced art consultants who would be delighted to answer any of your questions. Don't hesitate.


Internet not only gives you the choices in arts, but some Websites offer sophisticated tools that can give you a real-world experience with their artworks. For example, on our own Website you can view the artworks against a variety of wall colors, or with a range of different frames and mattings. You can even "view-to-scale" the artwork of your choice to get a sense of how large or small it is, in realistic settings. Share the artwork - email the link to a friend or to a colleague or simply send an electronic greeting with the artwork. Get the opinion of someone you trust. Try it.


When your heart tells you this is the right piece for you, be patient. Read about the company and their Website. Most credible Websites provide you with detailed information about themselves. See if the Website provides you with verified and secured online purchases. Read what their customers and the press have to say about them. Check if the artwork will come with an authentication that you feel comfortable with. Find out if they have a returns policy that you find reasonable. When you have done your due-diligence, buy the artwork with all your heart.

Happy collecting,

PicassoMio Editorial Staff

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