Modest Cuixart Biography

Barcelona, 1925 - 2007

One of Spain?s best regarded contemporary ABSTRACT artists, Modest Cuixart, along with Brossa, Ponç, Tapies and Tharrats, founded the legendary Barcelona based avant garde movement, the DAU AL SET.

Initially influenced by expressionism, Cuixart subsequently moved into abstraction and experimented with informalism. Parallels have often been drawn between Cuixart's personal evolution and the development of contemporary art in Spain as a whole during the second half of the 20th century.

In 1959, Cuixart received the 1st Prize at the Sao Paolo Bienal. He has been awarded major prizes in Spain including the The St Jordi Cross, the The Isabel the Catholic Medal, and the Barcelona Gold Medal.

Cuixart has regularly exhibited at leading MUSEUMS and GALLERIES, including: - Guggenheim Museum, New York. - Museo Nacional de Arte de Mexico. - Museo Español de Arte Contemporaneo. - Musee Rigaud, Perpignan, France. - Museum of Modern Art, Munich, Germany. - Modern Art Museum, Tokio, Japan. - Museo Nacional de Arte de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain. - Museo de Arte Moderno de Caracas, Venezuela. - Tate Gallery, London.

Art as Investment

Due to his stature as the one of the best known contemporary artist of Spain, his advanced age and limited recent production, artworks by Cuixart may be some of the best possible artworks to buy, if a collector views art as investment, as well.

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