Art of Class, Malaga, Spain

Marilyn by Andy Warhol, 1967. by Andy Warhol

Gallery Information/Statement

As a natural progression of my passion for modern art, I have enjoyed trading vintage prints over many years, compiling a massive directory of global contacts & connections in the field while doing so. In 2003, my love of art went into overdrive when I moved to Malaga, birthplace of the great and majorly influential Pablo Picasso... It was always my ambition to provide an outlet for fantastic vintage art that would be affordable to all pockets, and I believe my gallery does just that. Over time, most people have felt excluded or disenfranchised from the world of art, and have viewed the acquisition of vintage art work as 'a pastime of the wealthy'. Well this is no longer true, as you will see when you look around my exhibits. Each vintage print comes with a certificate of authenticity which I personally issue, cataloguing all known history and characteristics of the individual item. I have to date traded thousands of pieces with experienced AND new collectors, and am happy to have garnered a vast amount of glowing testimonies as a result. Also, when you are struggling for an idea of what to give somebody for a special occasion, art is the obvious, but very different solution - a unique gift of art will please everyone, whether it be a vintage Picasso print for an anniversary, or a classic Matisse lithograph for a birthday, the recipient is sure to be delighted with such a thoughtful present. There will be something suitable for everyone and every occasion in my collection. 'Art as a Unique Gift' is an affordable, AND stylish way to make your family, friends and colleagues really appreciate 'the thought that counts'... Please feel free to contact me regarding any of my items either through Picassomio or direct via and I will endeavour to supply the information you need. Have fun perusing, and hopefully you will be inspired to buy one or more pieces of my beautiful and unique art !!!

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