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We think that we are the best art Website, worldwide; but so do others. Here are some selected comments about PicassoMio.com and PicassoMio Galleries by the international press and media:

The Independent, UK, 2008

"The 50 Best Homeware: PicassoMio artwork
Don't turn your nose up at buying art online. It is a hassle free way to browse and many art galleries have already wised up to the fact that buyers want to see works from all over the world before committing to a major purchase."


Mejor Negocios (Best Business), Spain, July / August, 2007

"More Visitors than an Art Fair: After 7 years in business, PicassoMio remains a successful business model in the Internet."



European Tech Tour Association (Switzerland), May 11, 2007

PicassoMio is rated as one of the top 50 technology companies in Spain, by a committee of technology and venture capital experts.






 Actualidad Economica (Spain), February 15, 2007

Actualidad Economica, the leading business magazine in Spain, recommends PicassoMio Gallery as one of destinations to buy art in its article: "Where to Buy Emerging Art" from China, India and Russia.


 El Pais (Spain), February 2, 2007

“Hon Viet”: Contemporary Vietnamese Art. The leading Spanish newspaper selects the PicassoMio Gallery Madrid exhibition as one of the “10 Must-See” shows.


Architectural Digest, February 2007

Architectural Digest recommends PicassoMio.com as one of the places to purchase art.


Instituto Aragonés de Fomento (IAF), Spain, December 29, 2006

PicassoMío is invited to speak at the “Day of the Entrepreneur” organized by the Institute of Commerce of Aragon and Ministry of Economy, Spain, on March 8, 2007.


Elle (Anniversary Issue), December 2006

Giving the gift of art is not just for a few anymore. At PicassoMio.com, you can buy artworks at great prices. From $60 for a piece by an emerging artist to $6,000 for a Barceló. You decide.


JustLuxe (LuxeMont), November 13, 2006

PicassoMio: Art Source Extraordinaire...PicassoMio.com and PicassoMio Galleries are excellent sources for premier works of art.


ART INFO / LTB Media, New York, October 25, 2006

Buying Art Online: Five Award-Worthy Web Galleries
The “Best of the Behemoths” award easily goes to PicassoMio, which serves up more than 20,000 works from 2,000 artists around the world.
Of primary importance, the site—which has an “art jury” that screens applicants—does a solid job of weeding out the Sunday-painter schlock that pollutes most mega-sized online galleries. Many of the artists here have degrees from reputable art schools and have “real-world” representation; some of the work wouldn’t look out of place in the showroom of a Chelsea dealer.
Almost as important as the quality and breadth of work are the site’s technical adornments and buying policy.


El Pais (Spain), September 15, 2006

Architecture "Made in USA": The leading Spanish-language newspaper compares a PicassoMio Gallery Madrid exhibition to a recent exhibition in MoMA New York. "Just a few months ago the Spanish architecture was the protagonist in New York thanks to the exhibition at MoMa. PicassoMio, at its galleries in Madrid and Barcelona, has reciprocated, showing (these)works..."


Diaro Sur (Spain), September 2006

This major newspaper mentions artworks by Pablo Picasso available on sale at PicassoMio.com as a "good selection of works".


Clarin (Argentina), August 21, 2006

The difficult art of pricing art ...The Website, PicassoMio (www.picassomio.com) exhibits over 20,000 artworks by artists from over 80 countries. The collectors can register and search for art that they desire on the basis of techniques, themes, colors and prices, within a large database.


Radio Nacional de España (Spain), July 16, 2006

PicassoMio.com / PicassoMio Gallery is selected as a presenting company on "Entrepreneurs", a prestigious show on established companies that are known for their creativity, on Spain´s national radio.


New York Times, July 22, 2006

A No-Intimidation Guide to Acquiring Art: There’s also a big online world of art Web sites out there; (one) of the best-known for art by emerging artists (is) picassomio.com...


El Pais (Spain), 25th June, 2006

"Where are the Artists? - At PicassoMio (www.picassomio.com), the biggest reference on the Internet, over 20,000 artworks are exhibited and sold."


Público (Mexico), 16th June, 2006

"The trans-atlantic PicassoMio is independently regarded as the biggest contemporary art destination. Their collection includes thousands of artworks - paintings, photographs, lithographs and sculptures..."


Brooke L. Mellen, M.A. Thesis, New York University, May 2006

The Online Art Market: Maximizing the Potential of Web Sites to Market and Grow Art Galleries: PicassoMio is noted for its "exemplary" design in an acclaimed NYU/Steinhardt School thesis.


El Punto de las Artes, Spain, April, 2006

"[PicassoMio] has developed a great concept as a gallery - searching, discovering and supporting both the leading and the new artists. "


House and Home Ideas, UK, March 2006

PicassoMio.com and PicassoMio Galleries is featured in the article. "Showcase: abstract art - The best designs from today’s most modern artists"


Emprendedores, January, 2006

PicassoMio Europe is selected as one of the "100 Best Companies". PicassoMio was selected amongst 2.5 Million Spanish companies by Emprendedores magazine of the Hachette Fillipacchi group.


thepurplebook (Random House)

thepurplebook 2005 - the definitive guide to exceptional online shopping, features PicassoMio.com as one of the "best online shopping opportunities available on the web", for the 2nd year in a row.


El Pais y Cinco Dias, December 9, 2005

El Pais and Cinco Dias, the leading Spanish language newspaper and financial newspaper, resepectively recommend PicassoMio as one of the "Best shopping ideas for Holidays: One can puurchase art at PicassoMio.com. A confident investment."



Yahoo! lists PicassoMio.com as the most popular gallery online.


El Pais, November 17, 2005

PicassoMio, The Biggest Art Gallery
El Pais, the leading newspaper in the Spanish-language world, publishes an exclusive report on PicassoMio.com. Excerpts from the article include:
“The Website sells art in 50 countries, with a team of experts evaluating the works by artists that are exhibited in PicassoMio.com. The client has the right to return the artworks, including after hanging the piece in his/her home. The growth of PicassoMio is surprising fast, despite the fallout of other dotcoms. Last year, the company grew by 52% and this year by 60%. “


Real Simple magazine, September 2005

Real Simple magazine (a Time Inc. publication) recommends PicassoMio.com as a "great website with many stricking works where buying fine art is easy and low-risk". The Real Simple article was written after a "test-order" by their editors.


Net Success Interviews, 2005

PicassoMio.com is one of the selected companies for Net Success, 2nd Edition, a highly recommended book on the leaders in web commerce.


Smart Money, June 2005

Internet Shopping
PicassoMio.com is the only original art site recommended by SmartMoney, The Wall Street Journal Magazine of Personal Business.
“…PicassoMio.com which has the Web´s largest curated selection of original art. …the site´s sales staff all have art degrees and gallery or auction-house experience…”


Financial Times, February 28, 2005

Virtual Values in the Online Marketplace
"…PicassoMio.com which is run between Florida and Madrid, is a sort of Amazon.com of artists´ works. It has contacts with about 500 galleries and all the work can be bought from PicassoMio directly and quickly....PicassoMio has a few galleries and also offers a money-back guaranty if an object is returned within seven days.”


Fast 50, 2005

PicassoMio.com was short listed for the Fast 50 competition, a selection of companies characterised by “remarkable people: courageous leaders, energetic innovators, problem solvers and troubleshooters, trend and agenda setters -- leaders who are fueled by courage, integrity, passion, and a commitment to results”. The competition is sponsored by Fast Company magazine.


El Pais (Spain)

PicassoMío.com receives a valuation of 5 stars (the highest possible rank) in the El Pais shopping.


Gate2Growth (European Commission services), October, 2004

PicassoMio is selected as a presenting company for “Gate2Growth”, an event on behalf of the European Commission services.


Chiff.com - Your Guide to the Best Sites, October 2004

Cool, eclectic mix of original, contemporary European art and artists' galleries including painting, sculpture, photography, prints, books and posters, together with comprehensive customer service and solid advice on what to look for while shopping for art online.


Auna (Spain), September,2004

PicassoMio: The best destination for discovering and buying contemporary art.


NewYorkMetro / New York Magazine, April, 2004

“PICTURE PERFECT:..If you’re feeling the need to own some original art but don’t have a creative bone in your body, browsing PicassoMio.com is a good place to start. They carry thousands of images, from painting to photography, and there’s bound to be something you like. With prices starting at about $250, chances are it might be something you can afford, too.”


Microsoft Home Magazine (Online), February 2004

Shop online for the perfect painting: Browsing through the sites of larger online art sellers reveals thousands of original pieces for sale. Many first-time buyers find galleries intimidating. These sites offer a pressure-free way to explore art or learn about an artist's work. For example, PicassoMio, with offices in Florida and Spain, features 10,000 contemporary artworks.


Ministry of Social Services Newsletter, Spain, November, 2003

[...] Excellent website with access to artworks by various artists.


The Wall Street Journal Europe, November 14, 2003

Buyer-Friendly Art - Shopping for a Painting Needn´t be Intimidating: a Guide for New Collectors


La Stampa (Italy), October 2003

"Il meglio del Web (The Best of the Web)"


thepurplebook (Random House)

thepurplebook 2004 - the definitive guide to exceptional online shopping, features PicassoMio.com as one of the "best online shopping opportunities available on the web". (published by Random House)


GETTY Research, 2003

PicassoMio: Selected Resource.


Auna (Spain), September, 2003

PicassoMio: The best destination to discover and buy contemporary art.


Clarin (Argentina), July 30, 2003

(PicassoMio.com is selected as a) Discovery of the Week.


IDEA Inversion (Spain), July 2003

PicassoMio - modern and contemporary art is recommended by Idea Inversion - Alternative Investments & Personal Finance.


Hue, August, 2002

"Looking for a convenient way to purchase modern and contemporary European art without leaving the United States?

Click on GUILD's European Art Partner, PicassoMio.com, for thousands of fine art prints, photographs and sculpture from prestigious European galleries and dealers."


Milwaukee Journal, June 24, 2002

"GUILD.COM SIGNS DEALS: ..The Picassomio agreement provides Guild.com with access to European art collectors and makes the work of European artists available to Guild customers..."


El Mundo (Spain), June 14, 2002

"The most complete art gallery: from Lichtenstein to De Kooning; from the legends of the Spanish la Movida like Ouka Lele and García-Alix to contemporaries like Libres Para Siempre and actor/writer/director Jordi Mollá, also a painter."


ARTSWORLD Channel, London, March 2002

"Art online from PicassoMio .. a priceless tip. We're recommending this site to you as, in our opinion, the best place to buy art online ."

"..PicassoMio are specialist online sellers of modern and contemporary art. Prices range from £300 to £30,000 so there's something for any level of collector..."


Woman (Grupo Zeta), March 2002

"...the best you can do is to visit the Website of PicassoMio, one of the most important companies promoting contemporary art..."


El Mundo, Spain, January 25, 2002

"The Hidden Face of Jordi Mollá: Actor, writer and an upcoming director uncovers his presence as a painter at PicassoMio.com."


MCI, December, 2001

"...In addition to being a place to acquire excellent contemporary artworks, surfing PicassoMio.com is synonymous with life’s finer moments..."


WIRED Magazine, November, 2001

WIRED Magazine’s article, 'Eastern Standard Tribe – Introducing the expats from the fourth dimension', features PicassoMio.


State of Nordrhein-Westfalen (Germany), Düsseldorf, October 29, 2001

PicassoMio is nominated as a Finalist in the 'Milestones' Business Awards of the State of Nordrhein-Westfalen, in Germany. The 'Milestones' Award, considered as the 'Oscar' for European businesses, is a leading Pan-European award for companies across 13 European countries.


Marie Claire, September, 2001

"This portal has become the foremost supplier of modern and contemporary art."


iActual, August 29, 2001

"PicassoMio.com is more than just an e-commerce Website; it is a cultural platform that enables acquisition of contemporary art and allows you to learn about works of artists from around the world."


About, The Human Internet, June 25, 2001

PicassoMio.com monthly sweepstakes are selected as the "Sweep-of-the-day".


El Mundo, May 24, 2001

" Are you searching for something artistic to decorate your space? If you are an internet-user, there is no better choice than PicassoMio.com."


5 Star Shopper, March 2001

"..PicassoMio, amongst the very best (products) the world has to offer."


Tornado Insider, March 2001

PicassoMio.com is selected as one of the Top 100 startup companies in Europe, for the pan-European Tornado Insider Roadshow 2001 and Power Days 2001. This event is sponsored by Tornado Insider, West LB, Hewlett Packard, Gorilla Park, Sun, IBM and other leading companies.


PC Today, March, 2001

"Recommended! Impressive modern art gallery."


Tomorrow, February 2001

"Paintings, mixed-media, photographs and sculptures that can be purchased at a good price."


Excite, 2001

Best of the Web.


Net Magazine, January 2001

"European art tunes in on PicassoMio.com."


El Mundo, December 11, 2000

"Gallery with lots of art: PicassoMio is the largest company specializing in exhibition of art from European galleries and artists..."


Actualidad Económica 2000

PicassoMio.com - One of the Top 2500 Websites for Businesses


Ganar.com, 2000

PicassoMio.com´s customers include offices, businesses, interior designers and individuals. To facilitate art purchases, website presents superior images and additional services for both professionals and art buyers. Additionally, the company offers its clients a 7-day return period.


Kelkoo, 2000

..is an excellent proposal to discover and purchase art, with a superior criterion of art selection. ..PicassoMio.com is offering an unbeatable selection of contemporary art.


Diario 16 Madrid, June 30, 2000

..An artistic event sponsored by PicassoMio.com, an emerging online company, with a presence in the U.S. and Europe, for the discovery of quality art, from across the world. On the web, PicassoMio.com offers a selection of contemporary art that is renewed constantly, in addition to a variety of content. This way, PicassoMio.com is enriching the experience of both the art lovers and collectors.


The BroadSheet, June 2000

"If buying art conjures up pictures of seriously wealthy people wagging a finger at Sotheby´s, PicassoMio.com could be just for you. PicassoMio.com works by tapping into individual artists as well as galleries. They have worked hard to make the site as friendly as possible with a guide for the newcomer and extensive tips.. You can search by medium, artist, gallery and country and there is a choice of abstracts, oils, landscapes, sculptures pastels, and more."



PicassoMio.com Press Mentions

Doordarshan Television (India), April 2006

Radio 3, January, 2005



Arte y Parte, October, 2003



CNN, 2003



Cosmopolitan, July 2003



Catalog Age, June 25, 2002



Ya TV, May 10, 2002



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South China Morning Post, Hong Kong



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The Independent - London, March, 2001



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