Trade Services For Interior Designers, Art Consultants, Architects, Art Resellers and other Trade Professionals

At PicassoMio, we take great pride in our relationships with all Trade Professionals.

No matter where you or your project is located, our online collection of thousands of gallery-quality artworks and our exclusive services, is intended to help you find the artworks that you need.

Our extensive collection features work by over a thousand exceptional artists, and is sourced from across Europe and rest of the world. In our collection you will find some of the most distinctive pieces due to the diversity and range of our sources.

Our Trade Services Include:

Complimentary Search Assistance

Online Client Presentations

Portfolio Service

Can't Find it On; We Will Still Find it For You

Trade Discounts of up to 30%

7.5% Referral Fee Program

Art by Commission

Art Consultancy Service

Complimentary Search Assistance

To meet your specific needs, PicassoMio provides complimentary searches through our database of artists and images. We then create a personalized online collection for you to select your artworks from.

To use this service, please email us, by clicking here, with the following:

  • Your name
  • Your company name and contact information
  • A brief description of your project
  • Number of artwork(s) needed
  • Budget
  • Preferred Medium(s)
  • Preferred Style(s)
  • Preferred Color(s)
  • Any other information

Online Client Presentations

On our Website you can search for artworks by using Browse Our Collection or Advanced Search. To assist you in making online presentations, we offer the My Collection feature to create personalized collections of artworks that can be customized for viewing by your clients and associates. You can also write your comments next to the selected artworks. This service provides an easy and functional way to select art and work with your colleagues and clients. In addition to online presentations, you can present your selections as color cut sheets automatically formatted for printing from your color printer.

Offline Portfolio Service

For a fee of $30 per hour, we provide you with printed portfolios and/or CD ROM portfolios of specific artworks and artists to consider for your project. Each portfolio comes ready for client presentation, with color images and artist details. Please send us an email, with your request, at

Can't Find it On; We Will Still Find it For You

PicassoMio maintains close relationships with leading galleries and has one of the world's largest databases of artists. If there is a certain type of art that you are looking for and do not find it on our site, we still might be able to find it for you. Please send us an email, with your request, at

Trade Professional Discounts of up to 30%

As an industry professional, you qualify for up to 30% discount on your purchases.

Please email us, by clicking here, with the following:

  • Your name
  • Your company name and contact information
  • Tax ID Number
  • Number of artwork(s) needed
  • Names of Artworks and Artists you are interested in

Referral Fee Program

If you get a project that is outside the scope of your business, we can assist you. All projects referred by you that result in a sale earn you a 7.5% referral fee.

All you need to so is to send us an email with the details of the project and your contact information. We will then contact you to let you know the result of your reference.

Commission Center

A large number of PicassoMio artists work on client-specific projects for private collections or public spaces. Please send us an email with the following information and we will contact you:
  • Your Name
  • Your Company Name and Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address
  • Project Description, including medium or media, size, site, special concerns, budget, and timeline
  • Names of your preferred PicassoMio artists (if available)

Art Consultancy Service

Our art consultancy service is a great resource. No matter whether your project is small or large, corporate, hospitality or residential, we can provide you with invaluable assistance. Please send us an email with your details and the nature of the project.

In case of any other questions or suggestions, please see Frequently Asked Questions or contact us at, we would love to hear from you!