Design at Home: Designing Your Dining Room

Dining rooms are often the heart of the house, where you not only eat, but also bond through good food and communication. Dining rooms should reflect the laughter and joy of life that usually accompany great dining experiences.

In order to design your dining room so that it suits your life and your lifestyle, first consider how you use this room:

Who will use the dining room on a regular basis?

Romantic tête-à-tête dinners, dining with children or frequent entertaining require different furniture and design. Once you have determined the number of people using the dining room, it will be easier to choose the dining table and the number of chairs you need. An extendable table will make entertaining for a larger number of guests a breeze; a sturdy table that will withstand wear and tear is ideal for families with young children.

How do you define your style?

Whether you prefer sleek sophistication, rustic style, shabby chic, a more classic and traditional approach or a unique eclectic mix, opt for a style that speaks to you and reflects a warm and inviting environment. When choosing your design furniture, choose items you will love in the future. Dining tables, especially, can be a life-time love affair.

What materials are used?

Materials play a large role in conveying a mood. Wood will usually add a warm element, whereas metal and glass give a clean contemporary touch. While some designers prefer to work exclusively with one material, such as wood, others often mix and match. Other materials include polypropylene, thermosetting wood-enforced resins, plywood, marble and cement.

What is your color scheme?

Color can make all the difference. If your dining room is small or does not get much natural light, you might want to shy away from darker colors or busy patterns. If you do opt for a strong color to make a style statement, small splashes thereof might just be enough. Design by Kijode and Marcel Wanders are good examples of how the clever use of patterns and color can enhance beautiful design.

Do you have adequate lighting?

Often overlooked, lighting will increase the felt size of your dining room, in addition to setting the right mood. While ceiling lights are often ideal for dining rooms, floor lamps can also give indirect lighting - ideal for those romantic tête-à-tête dinners. Little lamps, strategically placed, are also a suitable option.

A place of happy memories to come, where vibrant conversation can abound, your dining room will be well worth your investment.