How to Hang Artworks in Groups

When grouping artworks to hang together, consider open and artistic arrangements. The fundamental rule to keep in mind is that the resulting composition should appear organized. An observer viewing the arrangement should be able to easily guess the reasons why the artworks have been hung as they have. If that's not the case, the composition is likely to cause confusion and a feeling of disorder.

The grouping may have unifying characteristics like: frame size and color, similar themes, size, dominant color, etc.

If the artworks are of varying sizes, try the following solutions:

  • Align the paintings so that an invisible straight line passes through the middle of each of the artworks, connecting them visually in a linear fashion.
  • Align the the tops or the bottoms of the artworks in a straight line.
  • Create an imaginary rectangle or square, and hang the artworks along its edges.
  • Center a larger artwork and hang smaller artworks around it in a symmetrical manner.
  • Imagine two perpendicular lines and hang the artworks along them in a symmetrical fashion.