Alberto Perez Veiga Biography

Vigo, Spain, 1972

Alberto Perez Veiga is an up-and-coming Spanish photographer. In his work ? photographs in black and white or done with very strong contrasts in color ? he pays attention to landscapes, rural and urban alike, but always giving more attention to the atmosphere than the landscapes itself. Many of his photographs are also dedicated to everyday objects, and are full of meaning.


2006 -

2005 - XLIX Concurso Provincial de Guadalajara 2005 - Competition ?Cartama Creativa? 2005 - State Photography Competition ?Ciutat de Valls? - Exhibition of selected photographs from the Competition ?Huevos Pitas 2005? in the RSF of Madrid and in the Agrupacion Fotografica of Guadalajara.

HONORS & AWARDS - Prize for the best collection in the ?XIX Concurso nacional de Fotografia Un lugar de la Mancha? of Quintanar del Rey, Cuenca, 2005. - Second prize in the ?IX el Rally fotografico? organized by the Agrupacion Fotografica de Guadalajara, 2005. - First prize in photography in the ?Certamenes Culturales San Lucas 2005? of Villanueva del Pardillo, Madrid.