Alejandro Turell Biography

Montevideo, Uruguay, 1975

Emerging Uruguayan artist Alejandro Turell works in a figurative style.

Turell has studied science as well as fine arts, a characteristic which is reflected in his work.

In his own words: _?The nature of my work is introspective ? retrospective. I try to subjectively unite art with science. I search for relationships in my experience as a student of these areas.

During my fossil hunts, my trips as an investigator for the National Fishery Institute, my studies in the School of Dentistry, as student and later professor in the ?taller de Lara? and the National School of Fine Arts, and of course as an artist, I reflect on the processes of these disciplines. I try to link common questions and create metaphors and analogies, impossible versions (or not so impossible) of the environment that we learn. Strategies for trying to ?digest? the quantities of visual information that we are exposed to. I think this is the only way that human beings ? artist, that lives and compiles what he or she studies, can get further, to the essence of the things that we coexist with.?_


2006 -

2005 - Three Artists From the South, Kerckhoff Art Gallery, U.S.A. - Paul Cezanne Prize, Museo Nacional de Artes Visuales, Montevideo, Uruguay. - Trofos Individual exhibition. Centro Cultural, Dodeca, Montevideo, Uruguay.

2003 - Estampa de Grabadores Ministerio de Transporte y Obras Publicas. Montevideo, Uruguay. - Plastic Arts, CC Ciudad de San Felipe, Fundacion Cultural Para las Artes de Uruguay.

2002 - Vasseur Institute, Santa Lucia, Uruguay.

2001 - Rembrandt Museo nacional de Artes Visuales, Montevideo, Uruguay. - Obra Grafica Individual Vasseur Institute, Santa Lucia, Uruguay.

2000 - Grupo Aguafuerte, Molino de Perez, Montevideo, Uruguay.

1999 - Amigos del grabado Libertad Libros, Montevideo, Uruguay.

1998 - La ClinicaSala Cinemateca, Montevideo, Uruguay.

1997 - Taller Nieva La Spezia, Montevideo, Uruguay.

HONORS AND AWARDS - Third prize. Paul Cezanne, Embajada de Francia, Montevideo, Uruguay, 2004 - First prize. Union Latina Contest for Young Talents, Montevideo, Uruguay, 2003 - First prize. 50th National Salon of Visual Arts, Montevideo, Uruguay, 2002 - Second prize. 49th National Salon of Visual Arts, Montevideo, Uruguay, 2001 - Honorable Mention. B'nai B'rith contest, Montevideo, Uruguay, 2000 - Honorable Mention. Concirsp Philips Para Jovenes Talentos, Montevideo, Uruguay, 1999