Ana Matey Marañón Biography

Madrid, Spain 1978

Young, Spanish photographer Ana Matey Marañon explores timeless themes such as the subconscious and man?s relationship with nature through series of experimental images.

In her own words:

"SUEÃ?OS" or ?Dreams? depicts the evolution of a dream as the night progresses.. the dreamer looks inside subconscious where she discovers her most intimate feelings and profound fears ... "NATURALEZAS" or ?Natures? is a reaction against a world void of feelings, a world in which we champion the advance of technology and machines that make our daily lives more comfortable without stopping to consider the cost. In ?Naturalezas?, the man follows his primary instincts and leaves the urban jungle in which he inhabits day in day out in search of nature and a more pure existence.

Ana Matey Marañon has exhibited in Spain, Portugal and the U.S.

Recent exhibitions and publications:


Centro de Estudios del video

2009 - MUA Corpórea, Museo de Alicante - Performance, Sin Sentido Contra el Sentido ElCarromato en Madrid

2008 - EntreFotos 08´, Conde Duque en Madrid - Madrid Tentación, La Casa de Vacas en Madrid - Galeria Espacio Menosuno, Madrid - I-Fabriek, Maastrich Holanda - Juvenalia, IFEMA Madrid - 8BIS, Barcelona - Optica Festival en Espacio Espora en Madrid

2007 - EntreFotos 07', Conde Duque en Madrid - Galeria Kubiko, Madrid - Galeria Espacio Menos1, Madrid - ?Arte de la Memoria? Alcala de Guadaira en Sevilla.

2006 - Videoperformance ?Con(un)cierto en el baño?, Espacio E Refuggio, Livorno(Italia)

2004/2005 - ?Todos somos Juarez? en Aguascalientes, Mexico. - ?Todos somos Juarez? en Durango, Mexico

2003 - Centro de Estudios del video


Centro Cultural Pincipe de Asturias

Centro Comercial Loranca

Revista Super Foto


Centro Cultural Principe de Asturias


Centro Cultural Principe de Asturias.