Angel Berihuete Menchero Biography

Angel Berihuete Menchero (1948).

Once upon completing various trips abroad and having had the opportunity to work for diverse companies in various fields including aeronautics, pharmaceutacles, information technology, etc. Finally in 1990 he decided to establish himself in Andalusia (Cadiz) where he began a new stage in his life dedicating himself fully to his truely destined vocation, art. Having had experience and been successful in many different disciplines, including different drawing styles such as nib, pastel and charcoal. However he was inclined towards the engravings that would fulfill without a doubt all his expectations and desires incorporating in this old art new techniques that are more refined and precise respecting at every moment the traditional aspect of this fine art. Once reaching the mastery of this art form in the creation of his engravings he decided to share with the rest of the world his works of art and he founded his company Alfomega which was inspired by the words of ancient greek "Alfa" meaning beginning and "Omega" meaning end.