Angelo Vadalá Biography

Angelo Vadala was born in Messina, Sicily, in 1940.

After shaping his artistic talents with the classic masterpieces of the Renaissance in the 1960s, Angelo moved to New York towards the end of the 1960s. While living in New York, he was influenced by the new American figurative paintings

At the begins of the 1980s, he progressively moved away from technical perfection and the dream themes in his art to rediscover the neo-classical and orientalist styles.

Angelo currently lives and works in Florence and Milan.

An accomplished contemporary portrait painter, he is also available for commissioned works.

In his own words, "Art is made of thousands of possibilities and contradictions, one should abstain from the tendency, too general and too easy, of classifying and decreeing on the spot which are the vital statements of our time and which is the right road to follow."