Anya Bartels-Suermondt Biography

Spain-based, German Photojournalist and journalist, Anya has worked with various television channels and publications, based in Germany.

Amongst her projects, have been television documentaries and reports on Mexico, Morocco, New York, Argentina, Africa and parts of Asia. In 1996, she created the bull-fighting documentary, DANCING WITH THE DEATH, for the SPIEGEL channel.

Amongst her most recent exhibitions are:

1999-2001: - ?A Golpe de Alamar?, based on Bullfighting in Spain, across Spain.


Expo Hanover 2000: People and Landscapes of Cabo Verde.

In 2002 she presented at Circulo de Bellas Artes, the book ?Jose Tomas ? claves rituales de un enigma?, a work about Spanish Matador, Jose Tomas.