Bill Owens Biography

San Jose, 1938

Born in San Jose, California, at the tail end of the Depression years, the young Bill Owens witnessed the creation of suburbia in the 'Sunshine State'. Aware that he was in the midst of a social phenomenon, Owens began to photograph this latest wave of settlers in the West. Without cynicism, he used his camera to record the developing suburban environment, and to study the idiosyncratic interior decoration, optimistic occupants, and their social gatherings. Frank and uncontrived, this collection of images avoids cliches to offer an insightful study of fledgling American dreams in the 70s.

Retrospectively, Owens was the right man in the right place, several factors in his life contributing to the conception of the 'Suburbia' photographic project. Raised on a farm, by parents who themselves had migrated from Oklahoma to flee the demise of farming in the Dustbowl, Owens was aware of both re-location, and the agricultural landscape. Furthermore, Owens possessed an aversion to photography as a fine art form. Indeed, he fared poorly at San Francisco State University, where he disagreed with his tutors, eschewing formal values for an attempt to practice visual anthropology. After a spell in the Peace Corps as a teacher, Owens returned to California, and in 1968 found work as a photographer for the Livermore Independent.

His work for this newspaper took him out and about, and Owens saw that farmland was being developed at a remarkably rapid pace. In order to accommodate the continuing exodus of families from American cities, agricultural land was snapped up by fast-moving developers, and transformed into small cities. The scale of this urban flight was awesome: by 1980 approximately 60 million Americans had moved to the suburbs. Realizing that the development occurring around him was of some interest, Owens began to document his surroundings. Moreover, he understood the significance, in personal terms, of being able to start afresh, with a new home and new opportunities.

In 1973 this collection of photographs, 'Suburbia', was published in book form. Images in both color and black and white are presented - often with captions: detailing the names of those portrayed, or offering their opinions in the form of short quotes. As a chronicle of the good folks of Livermore, 'Suburbia' is a revelation of homemakers' American Dreams. Cars and carpets, furniture and fireplaces, lawns and laminated surfaces: these new purchases create a gregarious backdrop to hair-do's, housework and hobbies.

But it's not all fun in the hot-tub. Indeed, dissenting opinions are interspersed throughout the book. A laborer hauling trash observes that the new residents cannot conceive of the needs of other people. A housebound mother declares her belief in women's liberation, and also notes her frustration with her situation. Another mom, babe in arms and hair in curlers, ruefully observes 'How can I worry about the damned dishes when there are children dying in Vietnam.'

Owens continued to capture everyday concerns, publishing two more collections of images in the 70s. Civic groups were documented in Our Kind of People, whilst different occupations were recorded in Working. I do it for the Money. His work has been included in exhibitions from the 70s until the present day, whilst Suburbia was republished in 1999.

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