Bram Bogart Biography

Delft, Holland 1921

Bram Bogart is an established Dutch artist that worked in the neo- expressionist style and can be defined as a "ceramic painter".

His pictorial adventure was very odd; breaking the Nordic tradition of expression he was building the process of his own work by a continually clearer track, in a direction to a pure celebration of light and material.

In 1998, Bogart became passionate with ceramics. The utilization of this medium converted for him a way to obtain the persistence and diffusion of a work in volumes of color that are the elements that characterize the part most media related of the work. Utilizing existing forms: boats, vases, jugs, fountains, all manufactured objects, he takes over by dressing them with colors and material, diverting them from their primitive functions.

His passion for clay will allow him to multiply, experiment and enrich his painting and his work. The baked and decorated clay plays the role of an illustration- a type that by means of screen-printing or lithography will later allow the receiving of applications of color not strongly identifiable, giving a place to numbered series'.