Carlos Cenoz Bermejo "Dino" Biography

Pamplona, 1978 -

Carlos Cenoz paintings are inspired by graffiti and illustrations. His work is often based on the critique of modern society and irony. Often humorous, the paintings blend reality with dream, using both the classical and contemporary techniques and styles.

This young artist has received the following PRIZES and HONORABLE MENTIONS:

2002: - Audiovisual Creatity - Navarra Encounters. - Aguas de Pamplona. - 2nd Prize in Animation, Pamplona.

2006: - Audiovisual Creatity - Navarra Encounters.

He has made the following presentations:

2000: Exhibition of graffiti Pamplona

2002: Utopia: Joint Exhibition on art hurbano

2003: Gallery Reciclarte

2004: Gallery Reciclarte

2006: Freaky Show

2010: 7 deadly sins.

2013 Joint exhibition of street art at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Huarte.

2013-2016 Artist invited to the international exhibition of graffiti CATAMAÑANAS 2013-2016.

2016 Chosen as one of the featured illustrators on the web "creativepool" geting the position number 7 of 45.

2016 Collective project and exhibition of the work in the ad campaign "sal de dudas" making a painting action over a glass container