Carlos Cenoz Bermejo "Dino" Biography

Pamplona, 1978 -

Carlos Cenoz paintings are inspired by graffiti and illustrations. His work is often based on the critique of modern society and irony. Often humorous, the paintings blend reality with dream, using both the classical and contemporary techniques and styles.

This young artist has received the following PRIZES and HONORABLE MENTIONS:

·Selected as one of the 40 best character designers in place number 8 in the web "" 2017-2018

· First prize in Audiovisual Creativity, Navar Encounters in 2002 and 2006.

· Second place in the Mancomunity of Waters painting contest from Pamplona, 2002. In 2001,2003, 2004, 2005, 2012 editions my works was selected to the finalists collective exhibition.

·Second place in the comic contest of the Youth house in 2002

·Winner of the contest to painting the complex of the bullfight in the San Fermines party, in Pamplona.


. Judge in the National San Fermin Poster Contest of Pamplona City 2019· Illustrator freelance for add firm Villa Mcluhan 2018-...· Illustrator in textile design fot the firm Lenag Nazeki 2014-... · Illustrator in the publishing firm Leere, making covers development and other illustration projects..

· Take part in the wallpainting as guest artist in the Navarre Museum 2016.. · Character design for video game PROYECTO BOSK to the Spain Government. · Illustration development in the campaign SAL DE DUDAS to the Navarre Government 2016. · Campaign design to Caritas Navarre in 2011 2012. · Design of differents kind of thing like, logos and cooperative images in Doña Remedios Comunicación Creativa 2006-20014. · Illustration work for an "KAMISHIBAI" (narrated tale japanese) about the battle of the Navas de Tolosa for Navarre Government. · Wall painting of 25x2 meters fot the Caritas tombola in Pamplona city. · For the Gayarre Friends of the Opera Association, design and illustration of the libretto of the opera "The Hamelin flutist" · For the Navarre Ateneo, poster design and Illustration for one street art exhibition. · Child park KILI-KILI character design and corporative image. · Blister design and other supports like product catalogs and advertisements for the pets firm CREACIONES GLORIA. · Wall painting of 12 meters for the Sport City of Azadi in Pamplona. · Wallpainting for the Sport City Amaya. · Guest artist in the street art exhibition of Lyon and in the Viña Rock Festival in 2004.


·2018 Collective exhibition Agora Gallery Chelsea New York.

·2018 Creative wallpainting in the culture house of Zizur for his 25th anniversary.

·2018 Wallpainting for the collective exhibition, refelexions abour the historical memory in the Monumento a los Caidos in Pamplona.

·2016 Painting an illustration, of big dimensions for the campaign "sal de dudas" of the Navarre Government.

·2013 Collective exhibition of urban art in the contemporary museum of Huarte Navarre.

·2013-2014-2016-2017 Guest artist in the street art festival Cantamañanas in Huarte Spain.

·2008 Painted an illustration over a sculpture in violin shape for the Pablo Sarasate anniversary.

· 2007 Exhibition of paintings and animations about the seven sins “7PK2” .

·Exhibition “The Picture Freak Show” 2007

·Reciclarte Gallery: Ehibitions on 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005.

·Both pictures of 2 x 9 meters exhibited in Conde Redezno hall, in the exhibition "la ciudad recreada" 2.003