Carmen Peña was born in 1967 in Almería, and grew up in Madrid and Guadalajara, always keeping alive her sense of belonging to her land of origin. Despite her early interest in drawing and painting, encouraged and celebrated by her father, Mr. Antonio Peña, she took a degree in Economics. She graduated in 1991 and worked for several companies in Administrative and Financial areas. In 1996 she got married and moved to Valladolid, where she actually lives. During those years, her interest in Art didn’t flag anytime. Nevertheless, her artistic activity was pushed into the background, since her life centered on her family In 2003 she begun studying drawing and painting with a teacher. After a first stage in which she painted in oils, in 2005 she continued her learning with Nela Prieto, whom she considers her great master. Then Carmen explored her most personal side in Art, working with mixed techniques in various mediums, and showing her works to the public. From her first exhibitions in 2006 until now, Carmen Peña has developed several painting collections, exploring different techniques and fitting them to her distinct style. Actually Carmen Peña is learning engraving and watercolor techniques.

Artist's Statement

I think that Art is not something that could be shut in a definition, but the individual expression of the concept of Life that everybody has. In that sense, I think that maybe Art would be the only thing that makes humans just human. It is something inherent to people, that blesses them with expression and freedom abilities. I express my own concept of Life specifically through my paintings. I see artistic expression as something that has always lived inside me, something as natural as eating or sleeping. Therefore, I don’t attach importance to it on a personal level. I do it when I show my works to the public and I see they make an impression on other people, they prompt them to respond, I can have an influence on other people. I think it is also important and satisfactory when in some place, even remote, I met somebody whose way of expression of his concept of Life is very similar to mine, when I run into somebody that feels like me, in this globalized world where many people live completely alone.