Cynthia Fusillo Biography

American painter, printmaker and poet Cynthia Fusillo tends towards abstraction in her paintings, yet does not completely abandon figurative elements. Using a limited palette of colors, she creates atmospheric pieces which are strongly influenced by elements from nature.

Fusillo studied at New York University where she received a degree of Master of Fine Arts. In addition, she received a Master of Arts, Psychology, from the Universtiy of Santa Monica, California.


2005 - SOUVENIR D'UN PARADIS, Aumonerie Saint Jacques, Gordes FranceProvence, France - Gallery De Novo, Ketchum, Idaho - Gallery Merrill-Hayes, Charlotte, North Carolina

2004 - Naturaleza Sagrada, Gallery De Novo, Ketchum, Idaho

2002 - Nature Romantique, L' Espace Culturel, Chateaurenard, France - Neo-Renascimiento, Chiostro di San Francesco, Sorrento, Italy

2001 - Memoires D'Un Futur Voyage, Charite St. Eutrope;Provence, France - House of Water, Guadalupe Fine Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico

2000 - Women Becoming Poems, - Romance Languages, Guadalupe Fine Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico

1993 - Espai 83, Museu d'Art de Sabadell, Barcelona 1991 - Frequencia 0.90, Espai Centre D'Art Contemporani, Gerona, Spain

1990 - A.I.R. Gallery, Emerging Women Artists, New York City


2005 - Fira International D'art de Catalunya InArt Girona, Galeria Garnelo - Galeria Garnelo Sabadell,Barcelona

2004 - Galeria Perforart, Barcelona, Spain

2002 - Poetry of Women, A Muse Gallery, Columbus, Ohio - The Shoe Show, Segreto Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

2001 - Monothon 15, Site Santa Fe, New Mexico

2000 - Holiday Group Show, A Muse Gallery, Columbus, Ohio - Wonderous Things, Guadalupe Fine Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico

1999 - show of Hands, Guadalupe Fine Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico - Women in the Land of Enchantment, LewAllen Contemporary, Santa Fe

1997 - Matchbook Show, Art in General, New York City

Selected Awards AND HONORS

2000 - Selected for Art Section in U.S. West Directory 1990 - Artist's Space, Artist's Funds, New York City

1989 - Selected to participate in XIII Sargadelos Experience, Sargadelos, Spain

1983 - Artist's Space, New York City