Daniel Bellido Biography

Madrid, 1974 -

Daniel Bellido is an emerging Spanish photographer. He grew up in an environment dedicated to painting, engraving and photography. As a self-taught artist he attended courses and workshops for photography and drawing.

The work of Daniel Bellido is intended to cause reflection, as he likes to take simple images that are representative of everyday life. Bellido often captures his subjects in light to take advantage of the intimacy light creates or the velocity and drama light provokes.

At present he has three different series titled; Immigration, Graffiti in Madrid, and My Town. The latter is a collection of images obtained from popular events in Madrid such as: marathons, cavalcades, parades, demonstrations, spectacles, and various other events that capture the spirit of Madrid.

Selected Exhibitions

2006 - Photography Contest: Immigration, Industries and City Life, Madrid, España. - Cultural Contest in Pozuelo, Madrid, España.

2005 - 5 Collections. Centro Blas de Otero. San Sebastian de los Reyes (Madrid) , España.

2003 - Individual Exhibition. Room of Exhbitions in Bankpyme. Madrid, España.

2002 - Collective Cultural Civic Forum of Pozuelo of Alarcon (Madrid) , España. - Individual Exhibition. Room at Claudio Rodriguez. San Sebastian de los Reyes (Madrid) , España.

2001 - Group Exhibition. Faculty of Philosphy at UCM. Madrid, España.