Diana Giménez-Figueroa Biography

Established Spanish-Argentinean artist Diana Gimenez-Figueroa. Painter combining the figurative and the abstract and painting in various techniques she also is a printmaker that works on etching, lithography, woodcut and combined techniques. She has lived in Argentina, USA, Chile, Portugal and is currently settled in Madrid (Spain).

SELECTED EXHIBITIONS 2016 – DONOSTIARTEAN III International contemporary Art Fair,at the KURSAAL in San Sebastián (Spain) Individual teatro laGrada (Madrid), “Cuadros Súbitos”/ “Mostra all’improvisso”; pintura y grabado. 2015 – Individual Show at the laGrada Theatre ( Madrid ), Paintings and prints - Group show “Postales desde el Limbo” , Zaragoza.- El Foro de Pozuelo,group show: “Greta, Marlenne, Katherine”, técnicas varias. - 2014 "Bonjour Paris", group exhibition at Galerie "Artes", Paris. Painting. "Postales desde el Limbo (Postal cards from Limbo).Zaragoza, Proyecto Hombre. Collage. - "Venti per Venti, Bianco e Nero" - Mostra di pittura - Linea d'Arte, Napoli (Italy)/ - Group show "An Homage to Labour", at C.C. Pere Quart, Barcelona. -2013 Biennale Libro d'Artista di Napoli, Linea D'Arte (Italy) - International Salon ESTAMPA of prints and edition artworks. Artgallery Arte Privado. Madrid.

*2010 - Biennale Libro d'Artista di Napoli, Linea Darte Officina Creativa (Italy) - 1st International Network Encounter on artist books, illustrated books and art editions. De Autor Art Gallery ; San Lorenzo de El Escorial (España). Artist books group exhibition. - Red03 Art Gallery, Barcelona (Spain). Group Show "The artist book as an art object". Two artist books in mixed media. 2009 - Group show at Hotel Montiboli, Villajoyosa, Alicante (Spain). Paintings and prints. - Cafe Gaudeamus (watercolurs), Aulario de la Universidad a Distancia, Madrid. * 2008 * - Noche en Blanco de Madrid (as part of European White Nights), "Artistas argentinos en Madrid" Colegio Mayor Argentino Ntra Sra de Luján. * - Museum of the Spanish National Library , Madrid. IV Exhibition of Donated Graphic Works , 1998-2002; collective show comprising prints, artist books and drawings. * - ArtMadrid International Art Fair (Madrid, Spain), "Arte Privado" art gallery - paintings and prints. 2007 - Monodelatinta, exhibition space and workshop, solo show, prints. Madrid. - Summer Show, Galeria MAES, Spain 2006 - PicassoMio.com - Galeria MAES, Madrid. 2005 - ESTAMPA XIII Salon internacional del Grabado contemporaneo, Galeria MAES.

2004 - 1arte.com, Madrid.

2003 - Galeria MAES, Madrid - ESTAMPA XI Salon internacional del Grabado contemporaneo, Madrid - Fundacion Gregorio Sanchez, two-artists show, Madrid - ArteSantander, Galeria Adgea, AlcobaÇa, Portugal. - Galeria Ra del Rey, Santander, Spain. - Casa del Reloj, Centro Cultural de la Arganzuela, Madrid

2002 - Maes, art gallery Madrid. - ESTAMPA X Salon internacional del Grabado contemporaneo. Madrid - Galeria Adega- Alcobaça, Portugal. - XI ArteSantander. Painting.

2001 - Arte Sevilla, paintings, with Ra del Rey Art Gallery.

2000 - Galeria Ra del Rey, Santander - Prints, group`show, Desiree Lieven art gallery (Madrid)

1999 - ESTAMPA VII Salon Internacional del Grabado Contemporaneo, Madrid. - Art gallery La Nave del Arte, Madrid. - Casa de la Cultura Carlos Muñoz Ruiz, de Alcobendas, group show, prints. Madrid. 2001 - Cultural Centre de San Martin de la Vega, solo show. Madrid. On a grant of the Town Council. Painting. 1999 - Cultural Centre. Solo show. Galileo. Madrid. 1997 - Casa del Reloj Cultural Centre of la Arganzuela, Madrid. - Sala de exposiciones "La Buhardilla", watercolours and drawings. Madrid. 1994 & 1995 - (The family moved from Santiango de Chile to Lisbon, Portugal)

1984 - Cafe del Cerro, Santiago de Chile 1982 - Instituto de Cultura Hispanica, Santiago de Chile

MUSEUMS AND COLLECTIONS - National Library, contemporary printing section, Madrid. - Chilean Embassy of the Dominican Republic - Ayuntamiento de San Martin de la Vega y Junta Municipal de Arguelles del Ayuntamiento de Madrid - Private collections in Madrid (Spain), Boston(U.S.A.) and Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Artist's Statement

"O, look at all those lonely people, where do they all come from?" (The Beatles). Unconnected people, unconnected places or no-places all coming up from everywhere, fragments of life scattered around.