Eduardo Segura Biography

Cordoba, Argentina, 1966

Argentinean photographer Eduardo Segura?s work is surprising, strong and full of impact; although later it converts itself into something warmer, which searches the most intimate places of the soul.

After studying at the conservatory of music and attending literary workshops, in the eighties he became interested in trends in music videos and cinema, something that has influenced him artistically.

Segura studied photography and audiovisual communications at the Lino Enea Spilimbergo School.

In December of 1997 he decided to start his own photography school.


2006 -

2000 - "Mujeres", Cordoba, Argentina. - "Volpe Stessens", Argentina. - "34" Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes, Parana. - "Imagenes de mundos sumrgidos", Galeria La Ribera. - "Nova", Centro Cultural Juan L. Ortiz.

1999 - "Milenio"Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes de Entre Rios". - Muestra Colectiva en la Ciudad de Victoria, Entre Rios. - "Despunte", Oli Rothman-Eduardo Segura. - "33" Casa de la Cultura de Santa Fe.

1998 - "Chicas",Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes de Entre Rios, Parana. - "Mondoclon", Casa de la Cultura, Parana.

1997 - Congreso de Fotografia y Video Imagen 97. Capilla del Monte.Argentina.