Edward Tokmachyan Biography

Good day everyone and welcome!

I'm Edward from Tbilisi, Georgia, very colorful and picturesque place, populated with a lot of nationalities, living in peace and friendship, super hospitable and warm people, and I'm glad to be one of them. My ancestors family profession has been photographers, they've had a few small studious in Tbilisi, making portraits and doing retouches by hand (what Photoshop does now). I've always felt attraction to art and photo art myself, but never really developed this talent in me, instead I've followed a different passion of mine, which by then, 35 years ago, was electronics and developing in this sphere in different aspects. 4 years ago I've strongly felt my soul was getting attracted to art and photography more and more and following that inner voice, I've started painting. First, it was only graphics, which I truly adore, and then I've tried watercolor and it stole my heart. Now art has became my everyday favorite routine. I'm sure you'd enjoy my art works as much as I do. All of them are created with a touch of my country's beautiful traditions and soul, energy, warmth, the spirit of a place that feel like home, even if you got here for the very first time. I'm glad I can deliver a piece of this harmony, balance and beauty to you and share the emotions and feeling just by my vision. Let each of my artworks bring that warm sparkle into your hearts, that will shine forever. P.S. some of the artworks you will see are a free copy of famous artists

Artist's Statement

You're never too old to follow your heart.