Esteban Smerdiner Biography

Montevideo, Uruguay, 1972

Emerging Uruguayan artist Esteban Smerdiner works in an expressionist style.

Smerdiner?s work results from the question of the complex search for the soul of things. ?Universal truths can be found inside oneself?. Introspection and silence. He paints at night so as not to be distracted by superficial details, and to control light and shadows.

Encountering light is a process, ?first, I darken the canvas, then I clean it to leave a thin layer and mark the outlines?. He shows us his work once it is finished, after a long and thoughtful process. He doesn?t sign his work because it?s not necessary, he is there, present, involved in it. ?I paint homeless people, stray dogs?images that are not immaculate, that have a past, and possess the type of freedom that one surrounded by books does not achieve. And the visions of these images or stories are linked in time and space, in a ?non-action.? If I could, I would paint the rain and the smells.?


2006 -

2004 - Museo Zorrilla. Montevideo, Uruguay.

2003 - Pre-Universitario San Felipe y Santiago, Montevideo, Uruguay. - Uruguayan Embassy in Washington, U.S.A.

2002 - Libertad Libros, Montevideo, Uruguay. - Seveso Workshop, Uruguay. - Museo Municipal de Treinta y Tres, Uruguay. - Lara Workshop, Montevideo, Uruguay. - Pre-Universitario San Felipe y Santiago, Montevideo, Uruguay.

2001 - Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes, Montevideo, Uruguay.

HONORS AND AWARDS - Honorable Mention, Premio Phillips De Jovenes Talentos, Montevideo, Uruguay, 2001. - Honorable Mention, 49th National Salon of Art, Uruguay, 2001. - Mencion, Premio Philips de Jovenes Talentos, Montevideo, Uruguay, 2000.