Eugene Segal Biography

1986 graduated from the Kharkov Art College.

Since1986 has participated in regional, national and international art exhibitions and festivals. Exhibitions

1997 - "Russian Landscapes". С.Art Gallery. Central artist's House. Moscow (Russia)

1998 - "Russian School". С.Art Gallery. Russian Academy of Sciences. Moscow (Russia)

1998 - "Winter Collection". С.Art Gallery. Moscow (Russia)

1999 - "Russian School". С.Art Gallery. State Duma in Russian Federation. Moscow (Russia)

1999 - "Russian School". С.Art Gallery. "Marco Polo" Exposition Hall. Moscow (Russia)

1997 – «Dais» Gallery. Kharkiv (Ukraine)

1998 - "Little Passions of Small People". "Vernisage" Gallery. Kharkiv (Ukraine)

1998 - Baden-Baden (Germany)

1998 - New York (USA)

1999 - С.Art Gallery. Moscow (Russia)

1999 - "Vernisage" Gallery. Kharkiv (Ukraine)

2001 - "Modern Russian and Ukrainian Landscape and Still Life". Kharkiv art Museum. Kharkiv (Ukraine)

2006 - Art Expo. New York (USA)

2007 - Art Expo. New York (USA)

2009 - Symposium, organized by the museum of Oskar Kokoshka, Poechlarn,( Austria) Special jury´s prize

2011 - "A casual cut" Kharkov city art gallery. Kharkov (Ukraine)

2011 - Art Insbruk (Austria)

2012-"Between a reality and a dream" the Sumy municipal gallery. Sumy

2012 - Christie's Fine Art Auction London, United Kingdom

Works of this artist are in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, USA, France and Japan

Artist's Statement

Welcome to my shop on Picassomio ! I began training in drawing at art school of Kharkov in Ukraine. Continued training in the Kharkov art college. My teachers laid the foundation of future profession. Fibonacci's concept approving" a gold measure" of beauty is close to me. The rule of a golden ratio meets in the nature very often in matchless on beauty of creation. The nature, the person, animals and plants inspire me. I embody in the works images of it "Ruthless and cruel, but truly fine "the world. In my life I faced a set of problems and still to me it was succeeded not to curtail from a way which I chose in youth. If there are any questions concerning works, delivery, a frame or about me, do not hesitate to ask... Thanks for your interest, I very much appreciate it, and it forces me to move! Eugene