Federico Liss Biography

Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1979

An emerging Argentine artist, Federico Liss works as a painter, sculptor, and actor. He uses harsh materials like asphalt, brick, iron, and glass to explore the exchange that occurs between power, violence, and beauty.

Liss studied at the Escuela Municipal de Arte Dramatico, and the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes, both in Argentina. His artistic career includes an equal number of theatrical performances and fine art exhibitions.


2007 - PicassoMio.com

2006 - Construcciones. Galeria El taller de la Ribera. Buenos Aires, Argentina. - Arte Ba. Feria de Galerias. Buenos Aires, Argentina. - Abandonos. Galeria Mapa Liquido. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2005 - Para Mirarte Mejor. Alcobendas, Madrid, Spain.

2004 - CasaChango. Tandil, Argentina.

2002 - II Feria de Arte Erotico. Espacio Giesso. Argentina.

2001 - Animales Negros. Casona Cultural Humahuaca.

2000 - Casa del Estudiante. University of Buenos Aires. Argentina. - II Bienal de Arte Joven. Berazategui, Argentina.