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Reference : Valier 20; Jennifer Mundy “George Braque Printmaker” pages 16/21. Note: This was part of the George Braque Vollard Suite. When Vollard approached him to create some etchings Braque immediately chose ti illustrate Hessiod’s Theogony which he had recently read and very much admired. At this period Braque was obsessed with the art and literature of the very early Geometric and Protoattic periods (Circa 900 - 600 BC). It is interesting that one of the oldest Greek texts became the subject for a series of etchings which became a milestone in the field of 20th century printmaking. Obviously the artist was very interested in the project as can be seen from the large number of preparatory drawings which he made. The printing was to be made by Galanis who took a long time to complete the work and when Vollard died tragically in 1939 the printing of the edition had not been completed. In 1954 Aime Maeght decided to republish the works in book form and it was assumed that all the plates had been cut down by Galanis. Our piece is not on Hollande Van Gelder paper which the original signed and numbered Vollard Suite pieces were printed on. However it does have the remarques which were found on that published edition. The later printing by Maeght is without remorques which suggests that ours is a re-editioning from the original plate made between 1932 and 1954. The old form of Arches watermark suggests an older rather then a newer date. Note 2: Our etching is inscribed in the stone HESSIOD AND MOUSA in Greek characters and shows Hessiod receiving a branch from the Muse. The series of etchings did not serve to illustrate the text of the work and the horses, chariots and birds depicted have no reference in the text. Braque had studied archaic art in some depth and had made plaster plaques similar to some of his Hesiod etchings. Edition: EA / 10 Condition: Minor foxing on margins not affecting the image, otherwise in good condition.

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