Guillermo Turín Biography


An emerging Spanish artist, Guillermo Turin creates striking images through digital manipulation and photo montage.

He currently works as a photographer for ?La Capital?, as well as an image editor for the newspaper ?El Eslabon?, and has done independent work for various theatre groups, rock bands, and social events.

Apart from completing various courses in photography, Turin has a degree in Communications.


2007 -

2006 - Raza Joven. Villa Elisa, Entre Rios, Spain. - El Cruce International Festival of Dance. Rosario, Spain.

2005 - En el acto. Rosario, Spain. - El Dia de la Independencia rock festival. Spain.

2004 - El Dia de la Independencia rock festival. Spain. - La Fragua. Villa Elisa, Entre Rios. Spain.

2003 - En el acto. C.E.C. Rosario, Spain. - La Toma. Spain

2001 - ?Max Ernst? Center. Spain