Guy Delaroque Biography

Guy Delaroque,1958 - Le Village. 31110 Montauban de Luchon. tel: mob: 0787279476 E-mail:

This ESTABLISHED French painter ABSTRACT works are inspired by french painters as Picasso, Cezanne, De Stael , Soulages and american painters as Newman, Rothko and Sam Davies.

Guy Delaroque trained in fine art and architecture at the University of the South of France.

"GUY DELAROQUE discovers” Impressionnistes” in 15 years in the Game of Palm in Paris. It is for him the beginning of a long history which is going to lead it from the School of Fine Arts to Auction sale of the “Hotel Drouot” in Paris where his artworks, chosen by the expert in contemporary art, Jean Richard Mattés are sold by auction every year. His artworks are also displayed during big Parisian dates: in the Salon ” Big and young today's”, in the Salon of Independents and in the Salon of Autumn. The painting of Guy Delaroque was acquired between others by collectors de San Francisco, Oklaoma City et Winston Salem in USA, through one of the big international virtual galleries: Picassomio. His artworks are permanently displayed in several galleries of which the Gallery Guillet in Paris which supports the job of Guy Delaroque fervently

But the personage also has other facets. It dedicated several years to the architecture - which he considers as to be intimately linked to his painting in the fact that she works the reports of the space, form and the bottom - before devoting himself exclusively to his painting

This one became rich in the course of peregrinations of this tireless surveyor of the neglected roads, Russia, Greece, Albania, etc, so many places of discoveries, meetings with other artists and with job with these, particularly in Moscow with a group of jewish painters in distribution and exchange of close feelings. It is an essential instant of the life of the painter which allows him to discover Orthodoxy and a country in the mentality so different from ours, turned to future. His steps also bring it back always and continuously towards the high mountain, necessary and vital experience of loneliness and silence, there high…. His painting shall speak to you finally her reading and of philosophers to which it tries continuously to confront its job. The painter recalls his predilection for the work of the philosopher Gaston Bachelard on material and elements, particularly in the existent artworks of his last series

Pauline Baltazar . Teacher who has passed aggregation of literature, Art critical.


Masters of Arts of School from The Fine Arts of Toulouse . Haute Garonne.

Architect diplome by the government from the School of Architecture of Toulouse .

SALONS in Paris.

Salon « Grands et Jeunes d’Aujourdh’ui ».

Salon d’Automne.

Salon des Indépendants

Selected Solo Exhibitions

.INSA . Lyon . Rhone.

Gallery Nicole Monnier . Lyon.

Gallery Les Nabis. Lyon.

Museum of L’ Arbresle . Rhône.

Gallery Voghera in Manosque .Hautes Alpes.

Gallery Artitude in Paris.

Gallery ACRI, Sophia Antipolis .Alpes Maritimes.

Center Vendôme, Lyon . Rhône.

Gallery Etienne de Causans, 25 rue de Seine, Paris

Theater "L'Art en Scéne". Festival d' Avignon.

Selected Group Exhibitions

Galerie Etienne de Causans, Paris

Gallery Artitude, Paris

Gallery Apart, Paris

Gallery Claire de Villaret, Paris

Gallery Guillet, Paris

Bank of the state of Luxembourg , Luxembourg .

International biennial event of contemporary art of Florence , Italy

Gallery Maziart , Germany , Hambourg.

Gallery Gaudi, Spain, Madrid.

Artenim in Nimes, France.

Museum of “O” , Tokyo.

Ward Nasse Gallery , New York

Artist's Statement

Salon d'Automne in Paris from 2007 to 2022 on" Champs Elysées."