Henri Matisse Artwork Details


Detailed Description

TITLE: "THE THREE SISTERS", 1915. MEDIUM: Lithograph. DIMENSIONS: Support 235 x 190 mms, Plate 206 x 163 mms.* EDITION: 1947. PLATE ENGRAVED AND PRINTED BY THE ETABLISSEMENTS BRAUN & CIE, AT MULHOUSE-DORNACH, HAUT-RHIN, FRANCE. This is plate number 6 of 24. SUMMARY: This Captivating Period Lithograph is after the above Listed Matisse Work of Art, with rich colours in the plate and fine detail, the subjects of the piece are almost magnetic. It will of course be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity detailing the origins of the item. The item is in excellent condition for its years and the definition together with colours in the plate, as strong as the day it was crafted! It is most definitely a wonderful example of the medium, and will make a superb exhibit when framed. (* sizes accurate within 0-5mms) # A great acquisition for any admirer of Matisse #

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