Imma Banet Illa Biography


Over the years I have gradually become clear that what has most influenced me is painting. For years, I dedicate myself to it with passion. I studied drawing and painting, with Professor Joan Petit, Marta Duran, and Albert Alis. Painting, with Pepe Novellas i Cesc López. Figure drawing from life, in Assiciació Lluc Mataró Sant. Outline Studies in Painting, by Albert Alis. I attended a Master Class of the painter Josep Lozano Marinez, which I were close friends.

The exhibition hall on Carrer Sant Josep, again hosts the work of Imma Banet. At the show, entitled L'oread, offers an exhibition, where again, expresses a great mastery of the landscape, especially in the field, their line remains firm and strong and vitality through the sample of luminous tones yellow, pink, green, etc.E s their way of understanding the environment that paints and offer the visitor. There is inspiration in pastel shades that reflect a sunrise. The Imma paints for pleasure and to sell as painting continues to fulfill its decorative function, as worthy as the work of acclaimed and hanging from the walls of collectors.

Imma's painting Banet, no complications, it captures the first and is effortless to the viewer. May not enter into official channels, but is widespread, it's best to stop an artist, why remain as heritage and legacy of our homes.


SOLO SHOWS: l'Aliança Casal Orfeó Gracienc Mataró-Barcelona-Ethnological Museum d'Arbúcies-Montseny Exhibition Hall on Carrer Sant Josep de Mataró.

EXHIBITIONS: Associació Sant Lluc in Mataró-Associació Sant Lluc in Canet de Mar-Associació Sant Lluc in Premia de Mar-Friends of Les Arts Gallery Vilassar Xipell Mar-Manresa-Sant Pere Mes Alt de Mataró Tenas of Canet-Gallery Mar-Exhibition Hall on Carrer Sant Josep de Mataró.

COMPETITIONS: Mieres-Camprodón-Argentona-Mataró-Selected for the Third Prize paint Nostromo Pia Almoina Barcelona.

He worked with Engineering Office, with several watercolors, on a project for Saudi Arabia.

Currently I have work in private collections in Latin America, specifically in Lima (Peru)


Artist's Statement

From a very early painting is my great hobby. For years now I can devote full, and that I do, to enjoy while engaging others and, if I have occasion, also be able to sell my work. Contact: