Jack Dzamba Biography

Jack Dzamba is the founder and principal photographer for Icron Image International, Inc., a company devoted to fine art photography. His work is a depiction of reality, from the image to the mind. In his work he tries to demonstrate the concepts that: Images come from light; While the taking, holding and viewing an images are physical acts, the images are a tracing on the mind; and As to whether the images are there after we are gone, he thinks the images go with us.

Most all of his pictures are taken in a single click and in a fraction of a second. Henri Cartier- Bresson said that one already has these pictures in your mind and the geometry, composition, lighting and mood come together. And when one sees something, one?s subconscious recognizes it as a good image. Dzamba began showing his work in 2003. Since then he has participated in a number of exhibitions and contests. Selected Exhibitions

2007 - Paula Barr Chelsea, New York, NY

. 2006 - Studios 39, New York, NY - The Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, Colorado - Gallery Black and White, Boston

2005 - International Competition, ?The Photography Competition 2005,? TCB- Cafe Publishing, San Francisco - Artitudes, Newton, Massachusetts

2004 - International Competition, ?The Photography Competition 2004,? TCB- Cafe Publishing, San Francisco - Linden Gallery, Rowley, Massachusetts - Alliance Française, San Francisco

2003 - Artisans Gallery, Mill Valley, California - San Francisco Black & White Gallery, San Francisco - Kookaburra, San Francisco

Publications - Like Sand from Orchid?s Lips (2006) TCB- Cafe Publishing, San Francisco - Incredible Eyes (2004) TCB ? Cafe Publishing, San Francisco.