Joan de Bot Biography

Dordrecht, Netherlands, 1948 -

A mid-career Dutch artist, Joan de Bot paints with oil on canvas.

She started her career doing large dimension systematic paintings, like 'Faculteit 7'. These pieces were painted on the principle of color scheme variation, allowing different colors to create a pattern that shifts before the eye.

In the 80?s her work took a different turn as de Bot began experimenting with chaos, painting works that looked like explosions on the canvas.

Since the 90's she has been traveling and exhibiting her work around the world, painting landscapes and cityscapes, as well as returning to systematic and pattern work. She is also working with The Dutch Museum of Textiles to produce tapestries with her designs.

de Bot currently lives and works in New York City.

Selected Exhibitions

2007 -

2006 - Sideshow Gallery, WilliamsBurg, Brooklyn, NY, USA - Brik Gallery, Catskill, NY, USA

2005 - Gloria Kennedy Gallery - 111 Front Street Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA

2003 - Galerie Maurice Vrolijk, Dordrecht

2002 - Galerie Caro, Leiden

2000 - Pieterskerk, Leiden

1999 - Galerie Fou Fou, Amsterdam - Frames Gallery, Perth, Scotland

1998 - Firth Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland

1996 - Panorama Restaurants, Schiphol Airport - Office European Commission, The Hague

1995 - International Institute for Social History, Amsterdam

1991 - Galerie Skt. Agnes, Roskilde, Denmark

1990 - MAT-Galerie, Amsterdam

1989 - Galerie ?t Koetshuis, Amsterdam

1988 - Galerie Forum, Amsterdam

1987 - MAT-Galerie, Amsterdam

1986 - Galerie Forum, Amsterdam