Jorge Rivas Biography

Jorge Rivas, A contemporary Latin American Artist Born in Venezuela , who has been working In the city of New York and New Jersey since 2006, known for his fabulous aerial views and imposing a work of conceptual , abstract and geometric ideas based on Greek philosophical thought from Platon, Euclid Even the concepts of Newton , Einstein and research and its relations with the atoms and cosmo . Mysteries and math resolutions, philosophical and geometric rendered with the brush and thought by masters such as Cezanne , Seurat , Signac , in the 19th century and then by Matisse , Picasso , futurists , Duchamp , Man Ray , the Russians led by Malevich supramatism then Mondrian, Van Doesburg , Kandinsky, Gabo , Vasarely , and more recently in the fifties constructivism And Latin american kinetics of France with the Madi Group, Agam , le Parc , and the venezuelan artist Soto, Cruz Diez, Gego , a great concern for the geometry , construction , movement, color, rhythm and contemporary seen as a way that feels , suffers and thrilled life as a great opportunity to bring in the artistic sense his thought and talent , and now he come to humbly submit this Venezuelan artist in this exhibition we hope you enjoy it .

Christopher klein Art critic