Katya Andreeva Biography

Pazardzhik, Bulgaria, 1981

An emerging Bulgarian artist, Katya Andreeva works with oil on canvas. Her paintings, created using wide brushes and vivid color, convey a sense of movement and irresistible dynamics. She is influenced by her travels, and her work reflects the impressions from her recent stay in Africa, the atmosphere of the colorful Peruvian markets, and the light heartedness of the Rio Carnivals.

In 2000 she graduated the Art School "Tsanko Lavrenov" in the city of Plovdiv. During her stay in Plovdiv Katya frequented the studios of some of the most famous Bulgarian artists, among them Atanas Karadechev and Mincho Panayotov. She currently lives and works in Sirmione, Italy.

Katya held two personal exhibitions at the Mexican Graphic Art-gallery in Plovdiv, Bulgaria (1998, 1999), and three personal exhibitions in Italy: at the gallery "L'Arcobaleno" in San Bonificio, at "L'Arte by 3Box" in Sirmione, and at the Association of International Culture "Domenico De Vito" in Rome.