Kelleen Sullivan Biography

An established American contemporary artist, Kelleen Sullivan is an exceptional painter and printmaker, emphasizing the colors, the vibrancy and the mystery of her subjects, in her art.

Trained at the University of California at Davis; Arts Students League, New York; Brea Art Academy, Milan; International Academy of Art, Nice; and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Kelleen has been a very prolific artist, with a large number of SOLO EXHIBITIONS, GROUP EXHIBITIONS and COMMISSIONS to her credit.


" nsionality of the canvas and the three dimensional world of the artist. This duality is developed when the simplification of ideas melds with an interpretation of Truth to form mystery, the Magic in Art.

I have developed over the years, three bodies of work: figures, circus, and wine bottles. These three bodies are interwoven through a multi-dimensionality founded upon an intense desire to express. In each of my paintings, layers are used as tools to better articulate my vision. Each layer is heavily intertwined with the others and equally important in activating the intensity of the piece.

The surface qualities of each piece are defined by the interplay of stroke and color creating both a visual and emotional movement. The complexity of each stroke, the creation of form through color, and the nuance of feeling through value, a visual movement is developed. This helps to transcend the visual layers and unveil the spirit of the piece.

The use of symbolic personalities and figures attracts and invites one to delve deeper into the construct from which the symbols are born. Repetition of these elements supports the main idea of each individual piece as well as the complete body of work. The dimensions and layers work to uphold and strengthen each other, generating a synergetic whole.

The genesis, or foundation layer, is rooted in the process of engaging and inspiring. The paintings represent metaphorical elements of change. Art leads to a more profound concept of life. Art itself is a profound expression of feeling. The use of visual means expresses my optimistic view of the world. My vision of beauty comes from confronting and being present for all aspects of life whether it is the form and curve of a wine bottle or the interaction of people both physically and metaphorically.

In my process, the importance of synthesizing the three bodies of work, both the common and differing elements, is based upon the need to create something greater than which the three bodies of work can be individually. "