Kim Ji Hae Biography

_Seoul, Korea, 1980

Emerging Korean born artist, Kim Ji Hae's work stands out for its use of strong contrasts and its interest in the expression of emotions.

When she was six years old her family moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where circumstances forced her to live caught between two very different worlds: that of Argentina and the Korean culture that her parents preserved inside their home.

She began studying psychology and anthropology at the University of Buenos Aires, as well as attending drama and contemporary dance workshops. During these years she also started a small photography studio, where she discovered her love and fascination for the art.

Since then she has worked in the field of photography in Buenos Aires, combining it with diverse projects.

Subsequently she travelled to Madrid, where she discovered the works of great photographers such as Valentin Sama, Chema Madoz and Juan Manuel Castro Prietos.

At the moment she is trying to capture the world of dance and yoga in her work.

Her first individual exhibition took place in 2004, where she emphasized small formats, which she believes allows the viewer a more intimate and delicate look at the piece.