Kojiro Akagi Biography

Okayama-shi, Japan 1934

Born in 1934 in Japan and in love with France since 1963, Kojiro Akagi is recognized as one of the great painters of our generation.

Akagi possesses a very personal style where he combines the oil painting with an outline of thick relief. He is especially known for his open air watercolour paintings, lithrographs and oil paintings, in which there are characteristics of red or white outlines that sketch his creations. At 43 years old, Akagi has covered Paris, drawing and painting every one of its corners.

His talent and the originality of his creations permitted him to obtain fast recognition and continue to receive numerous tributes and distinctions, between those that stress two gold medals in the Salon of French Artists, and the Award of President of the Republic in 1975.

He has exhibited in prestigious museums like the Carnavalet in Paris, the Museum of Toulon and in numerous Japanese museums. He is the vice president of honor of the National Society of Fine Arts.

Museums and Collections:

-Vatican Museum. Rome, Italy.

-Prefectoral Museum. Okayama, Japan.

-Embassy of Japan in Paris

-Pat Clark Museum. Iowa, USA.