Leonardo Aguirre di Matteo Biography

Uruguay, 1968

Emerging Uruguayan artist Leo Aguirre is also trained as an architect, the influence of which is visible in the composition of his artworks.

**Exhibitions** (selection)

2007 - Conrad Hotel, Punta del este, Uruguay - Mantra hotel, Montevideo, Uruguay - PicassoMio.com 2006 - Castells y Castells, Montevideo, Uruguay - La Lupa, Montevideo, Uruguay - Libertad libros, Montevideo, Uruguay


2001 - Cultural Exhibitions Center, La Spezia, Italia.

2000 - Italian Cutural House

1999 - Mention Penarol Athletic Club - New Art-W LONGE Collective.

1998 - Clever Lara, Uruguay - Exhibitions salon at LATU book fair. - Mention Royal Talens (Contemporary Art Museum)